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Spa Massage

Holistic, Hands-On Healing

Meet Dr. Tanya Pederson, D.C


Doctor of Chiropractic serving the Purcellvill, VA area

Dr. Tanya graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1998 and Potomac Massage Training Institute in 2005. With 25 years of experience, she understands the importance of a holistic, whole-body approach to health. 

Her passion for holistic health, compassionate nature, and dedication to your well-being position her as a trusted mentor and accountability partner for those ready to take charge of their health.

Two Rivers Wellness is where clients feel relaxed, hopeful, and free to enjoy a life without pain.

Movement is essential to life, health, and well-being.

Just as a flowing river encourages a healthy ecosystem, Two Rivers Wellness takes a holistic approach to your health and well-being by combining natural treatment options to address the root cause of physical pain and discomfort.

Using gentle effective techniques in areas of chiropractic, massage therapy,  dry needling and cupping, Dr. Pederson addresses a variety of health conditions such as:

  • Headaches

  • Low Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck Pain

  • Knee and Ankle Pain

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • Muscle tightness

  • Nerve Pain

  • Arthritic Joint Pain

  • Immune Health


These methods facilitate proper movement in the spine and throughout the body, promote increased blood flow, reduce pain and restore natural balance within your body.




Give healing joints and muscles the gentle, added support that facilitates blood flow, lymphatic drainage and healing of inflamed tissues.

When you visit Dr. Tanya, you get more than a simple procedure. You’ll receive a personalized treatment plan that specifically targets your areas of concern. Her hands-on method activates and optimizes your body’s full healing potential.


Misalignments in the spine can cause dis-ease in the body. Chiropractic adjustments safely and effectively restore proper range of motion, reduce pain and nerve irritability and improve posture.


Stressed minds and overworked muscles melt away with a deep-tissue massage that helps alleviate pain, encourage blood flow, and lower inflammation.


Pin-point your healing efforts with suction therapy that improves the look of scars, reduces pain, promotes mobility, and flushes toxins from the body.


Say goodbye to pain and inflammation by enhancing nerve communication and accelerating natural healing mechanisms.

Dry Needling

Carol G.

"Great visit! Dr. Pederson spent a lot of time with me, listened carefully to my concerns and helped me a lot. I highly recommend her to any who needs chiropractic care!!"


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